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Tsu (kana)

つ, in hiragana, or in katakana, and the variant form , is one of the Japanese kana (characters), each of which represents one mora. Both are phonemically /tu͍/ although for phonological reasons, the actual pronunciation is [t͡su͍].

The dakuten forms づ, ヅ, pronounced the same as the dakuten forms of the su kana in most dialects (see yotsugana), are uncommon. They are primarily used for indicating a voiced consonant in the middle of a compound word (see rendaku), and they can never begin a word.

In the Ainu language, it can be written with a handakuten (which can be entered into a computer as either one character (ツ゚) or two combined characters (ツ゜)) to represent the sound [tu͍], which is interchangeable with the katakana ト゚.

The katakana form is becoming increasingly popular as an emoticon in the Western world due to its resemblance to a smiling face.

Source : wikipedia (Tsu)

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